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    mySupermarket makes sure you never overpay and can help you save up to 20% on your weekly supermarket shop. doesn’t support online supermarket shopping yet. Once it does we’ll be sure to add it to our website so that you can compare prices and find great offers. Until then, you can use the mySupermarket iphone and android apps.

    How to compare prices?

    1. Download our iphone or android apps.
    2. Take our app with you when you go into a store.
    3. When you spot an offer and you want to check if it is good or not, just scan the product with our app’s barcode scanner and compare the price to the prices in other stores.
    4. Our app will also show you the average price of the product so that you could know if it is now a good time to buy it or not.
    5. If you don’t like today’s deal for your product, easily set up a price alert and get notified once the price drops.

    Aldi doesn't have Aldi

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